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  • A: Our inverters are designed with a focus on user experience. Regarding operational noise, we have incorporated advanced technology to ensure that the inverter operates at a low noise level of only 35dB(A). This low noise level not only contributes to providing a tranquil environment, especially suitable for residential areas and office spaces, but also aligns with our high standards for product performance. 

  • A: The advantage of the inverter's low-voltage 50V startup lies in the system's ability to commence power generation earlier, even during periods of low light in the early morning or evening. This adaptability allows the system to perform well under various weather conditions, enhancing economic viability and sustainability.

  • A: For a three-phase system with a load requirement of 5-10 kW, consider selecting a suitable THREE-PHASE HYBRID INVERTER (HV) model. Similarly, customize your choices for other systems based on their specifications.

    Contact your supplier or manufacturer with detailed requirements for personalized advice and support.

  • A: Our inverter has an IP65 protection rating, providing excellent dust and water resistance. In typical outdoor environments, there is no need for additional waterproof covers. However, if conditions allow, adding a protective cover is advisable to prevent accelerated ageing of electronic components, especially when exposed to prolonged intense sunlight and rain. Such additional protective measures contribute positively to the performance and reliability of the inverter.

  • A: There might be a delay of approximately five minutes in data upload. Please wait for a while.